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Sir Grout Rescues a Baltimore Homeowner's Hardwood Floor

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June 04, 2015

Anyone who has hardwood flooring in their home is aware of just how tiring it can be to keep it well-maintained. Covering everything from pets to furniture to moisture, its list of potential damage-instigators is seemingly endless. However, the beauty and sheer elegance a hardwood floor adds to any room is why many homeowners consider it to be a worthwhile investment despite its hazard-prone composition. Luckily, as we recently proved to a customer in Baltimore, MD, when a hardwood floor gets damaged, all hope for it is not lost.

We recently received a call from a customer who was unhappy with the current state of his hardwood floor and so was seeking a Baltimore sandless wood refinishing company who could restore it. When first installed, the floor's color tones were deep and vibrant, but they had become dull and lifeless over time. We told him we frequently encounter this same issue and that anything from too much sunlight to a heavy amount of foot traffic could have caused it. An appointment was then scheduled for us to come by and look at it later that week.

After parking our van outside his beautiful Baltimore home, the customer greeted us at the door and invited us inside. He then pointed us in the direction of his 250 sq. ft. hardwood floor. The customer explained to us that, although he would be thrilled to see his floor once again look the way it did when it was new, he did not want to have it sanded. We alleviated his concern by informing him that, assuming the floor was a valid candidate for our unique sandless refinishing process, we would be able to provide him with the results he desired. After determining his floor met the required conditions, we said our goodbyes and headed back to the van but not before the homeowner's dog tried to get a taste of our legs! Luckily, we were able to fend him off by using our sales bag as a shield.

A few days later, it came time for us to return to the customer's home and get to work on the wood floor. The introductory step of our sandless wood refinishing process involves using a machine to thoroughly clean the hardwood and remove any embedded dirt or grit. This creates an ideal canvas for the application of Wood Armor, a proprietary Sir Grout product. After coating the floor with a few layers of Wood Armor, the project was already nearing completion. Now all that was left to do before the furniture could be put back and the floor could be walked on again was wait about an hour for the final coat of Wood Armor to dry.

In less than one day, the hardwood was transformed from dull and dirty back to like new condition without the need for sanding. Unlike the typical wood floor refinishing company, we left no mess behind and caused no disruption due to the use of polyurethane.

The smile on the homeowner's face after seeing his refinished hardwood floor was sufficient proof of his satisfaction. Although he had been convinced his floor would never look nice again, we were glad, as was he, that we could prove him wrong. We instructed him on how to properly care for and maintain the freshly restored floor before retreating back to the Sir Grout van and calling it a day.

If your wood floors have also become worn and weathered over the years, don't hesitate to give us a call! Sir Grout of Baltimore can make them look brand new again quickly, safely, and at an affordable price.

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